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    looking for custom underquilt maker who'll take my uq trade in...ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stormcrow View Post
    That guy makes some great stuff. I have followed a number of his threads on BPL. He seems to be a very nice guy. Here is his site.

    Probably already responded to...I'm new. Lots of stuff to review. Tried the link, and it didn't go anywhere. I think this is the link now:

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    If you guys want, I can find a way to upload a version of this chart I modified to include several different new brands (including the Enlightened Equipment quilts). I did not place information for ALL the versions of each of the quilts, but I gave as much information for a varying degree difference and sizes that I could. There are now 106 different entries but a lot of them are for varying specs on the same quilt. I also included current MSRP based on the vendor's website plus any sales price I found on the same site. Hammock Gear, Eno, Jacks-R-Better, Arrowhead, UGQ, Warbonnet and Enlightened Equipment are all represented. I only sampled two quilts (one top, one under) from EE. I also gave a distinction as to what type of quilt you were looking at (top or under).

    Since this is Excel, the table is sortable by the table headers. See, I'm a tech guy. I write software when I'm not out on the trail. Let me know if this is something you would like to see and I will see if I can somehow attach it here.

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    The chart is great.... Now I just need side-by-side pics of them in stuff sacks to compare packed size. Mainly packed size regarding full vs 3/4 vs 7/8...

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