Thanks for staying on this, Dunkard Trapper, and others.

The weird thing is that they seemed to be most concerned about someone seeing the sleeper. Since there is nothing offensive about seeing a person sleeping, I can only imagine they are worried about naked people in hammocks or people doing something in the hammock other than sleeping. I don't know... the more you think about it, the more this trial basis doesn't make sense. They specifically say "If the Hammock provides sufficient covering for the occupant that no passer by or neighbor can reasonably view the sleeper". What if the occupant isn't sleeping? Can they do whatever they want or wear whatever they want in the hammock?

Someone said earlier they should be clear about what things they want to prevent, instead of going after hammock users. I understand in a family campground (and 99% of other public places!), there is a desire not to have nudity nor lewd behavior. If that's what the DEC doesn't want that to happen, they should just come up with specific regulations addressing those items.