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    packing on the trail

    I have a WBBB and Mnt Wash UQ, I can pack them together in a dry bag or when it be better to pack them separately?

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    I pack my tarp separate from everything and keep it in a front pocket away from everything else. I pack my hammock in it's own bag and then it goes inside my backpack. My under quilt and my over quilt are free stuffed into my backpack. I just cram them in and they fill out all the odd spaces that didn't use to have anything in them. On top of that goes my clothes (in a bag) and my stove system (in a bag) my personals (in a bag) and the bags are different colors. Food is also here (in it's bag). The way I figured out how I wanted to pack everything was to go on a LOT of little trips. I would pack and then unpack that night and after a while, I started figuring out what worked best for me. If you can try that, it'll help a lot. Also try doing all this in the rain!! Oh, some people do keep their hammock and UQ together, you'll need to test it out and see how you like it that way.

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    @TineLouise That is a great post. Really good idea about making lots of "little trips" to let your packing style come naturally. I always dry pack my Camping Hammock, UQ, OQ and tarp. I use a WBBB too, but a Nest UQ

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    I used to pack my hammock and UQ together and although it is easy and convenient, I found that it took up WAY too much room in my pack. It easily consumed over half the total volume of my primary pocket. Packing them separately greatly cut down the total volume that they two consumed. I also pack my TQ and UQ loosely in my bag to help eliminate the "dead spaces." I also use a waterproof Sea to Summit eVac packliner that everything goes into rather than separate stuff sacks. For me it cut down on my total weight by a couple of ounces and also helped eliminate the dead spaces. Give it a try, you probably won't be disappointed.

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    I pack my UQ and TQ in the bottom of my pack, but in good sized, lightweight cuben fiber stuff sacks. They conform to the empty spaces in the pack, but are also protected from getting wet. My pack is the heavy cuben fiber, so there's a double layer of protection. My tarp is in the top of my pack and my rain cape is either also in the top, or else in the front pocket. The WBBB is just below the tarp and rain cape ... close enough if I want to put it up first before completely unpacking.
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    I pack my tarp (in snakeskins) in an outside mesh pocket. Top quilt goes in a dry bag inside the pack. I like to keep my hammock on top in the pack or otherwise easily accessible because I like to sit in it while eating lunch, and have been known to stop for a nap along the trail.

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