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    VIDEO : Breaking Wind

    Executive Summary
    I've made a couple versions of DIY tarp beaks, posted here, and here. This generated enough interest for 2Q to suggest that he and the Zipper Queen ZQ might offer a version of this, based on the second of my designs.

    2Q and ZQ did some sewing and sent me a prototype for evaluation.

    Of course I had to make a video, "Breaking Wind, An Introduction to the 2Q/ZQ GrizzBeak."

    I put the beak up on these tarps
    • OES MacCat Deluxe
    • Hennessey Silnylon Hex
    • Hennessey Asymmetric Diamond
    • JRB 11'x10'

    The Diamond shape tarp was interesting. Because of the asymmetry one beak side covers the side of the tarp whose tie-out is nearest very nicely. The other beak side is not long enough to cover the far side exactly. It will cover almost all of it (not shown) but can be staked out wide to assist in breaking the wind (that is shown).

    Other footage I shot but which didn't work out so well because of failing light is to fasten the beak sides inside the JRB tarp, using Grip Clips. This makes sense if for example the beak faces west but the wind comes from the east, and so might otherwise catch between the beak side and tarp, where the beak lies on the side of the tarp.

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