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    New Speer 8X10 Caternary vs MacCat

    Any opinions on how the new Speer tarp compares to the MacCat. I'm planning to order a Speer hammock, just deciding which way to go for a tarp.

    Another option is to use my Golite Cave - anyone with any experience with that setup?


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    The Speer Cat Cut tarp was just released at Trail Days in May. I don't know if anyone in the forums owns one yet. You may get some feedback after the SEHHA camp out in Hot Springs this weekend. Ed Speer hosts that camp out.

    I have heard no complaints about from MacCat owners or the DIY equivalent. That seems to be the most popular tarp going.

    I've never used a Golite cave, but if it is large enough it would probably work fine with a hammock. The "beaks" on the end of the tarp would give you good rain protection from the look of it. The only way to know for sure is to set it up and try it. I am getting ready to start testing a Golite poncho/tarp with my hammock.
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    i haven't spent much time w/ the new speer tarp other than sleeping under one a couple nights at trail days.
    it stayed nice & taught there & i liked it fine.
    ed was using two of them over lapped at the top to cover two hammocks at hot springs.
    one thing i think i like about the new speer tarp is that the extra (third) tie out on each side in the middle, though it does require you to use two more stakes for set up, it also allows you to bring the ends in to the center, closing the tarp ends in bad weather.
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    Any updates on this comparison?

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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    You may get some feedback after the SEHHA camp out in Hot Springs this weekend. Ed Speer hosts that camp out.
    Wrong date, it is in April when Trail Fest is going on in Hot Springs, NC.

    The fundamental differences in the tarps are coverage area, flexibility in pitch options, weight, and number of guylines/stakes required. (The 8x10 Speer Tarp includes guyline with its purchase price and with the MacCats you purchase those separately.)

    I see it as a personal preference as to whether you feel you need more or less in those areas as there is a plus side and a negative side to those tradeoffs. For some folks the pluses don't outweigh the negatives while for others they will. Since one offers more protection from rain and wind, you could argue that one is more of a 3 season setup and the other is more of a summer setup.
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    I have a tendency to go for the latest technology and Cat Cuts seem to be one of those. I love my Mac Cat. I got one with a 14 foot ridgeline, however, when helping others to get their hammock gear, I notice that where we camp, low and out of the wind most of the time, but sometimes days on end of rain, maybe the Cat Cut is not a plus. In fact, the Claytor stock tarp is sufficient for our camping here in Indiana. Just thought I would mention this. On top of a mountain or bald things would be drastically different. Mule
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    I like my MacCat Deluxe a lot. I've weathered a few rain storms without getting everything wet. I like the Speer's ability to close in the ends, but it's a bit heavier.

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