Winter is here in fine fashion in Minnesota so I needed to get out and test some gear and theories before heading out on my Winter Backpacking Hammock Trips this winter here.
Never got to try the Warbonnet Winter Yeti last year.
It worked splendidly!!!

The Gossamer Gear 1/4 Pad I used folded over along with my Warbonnet Prototype TQ kept my feet toasty. They were never cold.

Last winter I felt that I wore too much clothing when crawling in the hammock in 0º to sub 0º weather and my TQ and was a bit damp on top. This year I am fooling around with wearing less .... just the minimum when I first crawl in and add clothes as I need.
Almost always have to get up at four thirty AM-ish to write my name in the snow and usually am a wee bit cool. That is when I add more clothes now and it seems to reduce the moisture (sweat) coming off of my body and going into my TQ. That is my theory .... Plus then when I awaken on a cold and beautiful winter's morn I am half dressed and ready for "breakfast from the hammock".

I added a "breath bib" idea. Seemed to work. It will keep the condensation off of my TQ at the head end. I can remove it and pocket it to thaw. We will see.......
Added pull-outs to my Speer Winter Tarp.
Worked terrificly and added room inside.

See a glimpse of the Peak Bag and ridgeline organizer from 2Q & ZQ Hammock Specialties.

Well .... got Holiday and Christmas chores and stuff to do so.....
I will set out a listening post.
As always, thankee for watching. Whooooo Buddy! Cocoa and Christmas Cookies!!!!!!
All secure in sector seven,

-2º Hammock Slumber Warmth Assessment