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    Quote Originally Posted by sr1355 View Post
    Overall both tarps are very similar, the WD has been in production longer and was one of our first tarp offerings 4 yrs ago. We do edge bind all our tarps for both aesthetics and recently a structural purpose. Our guy out detail attached directly to the edge tape transferring forces along the edge of the entire tarp, the traditional use of a reinforcement panel and the guy out attached to it can cause most of the guy out stresses to be applied to a small patch of fabric. As fabrics have become lighter and lighter it has become very important to distribute forces evenly and not in a concentrated location for long term durability.

    We discontinued the use of reinforcement panels, heavy webbing, and d-rings at the guy outs roughly 18 months ago in both an effort to provide a lighter product and apply forces evenly along the edge of the tarp. The result is our unique and for now the only vendor offering this light weight double slip ring system. We recommend attaching to both split rings for any guy outs as a single split ring may fail. The split rings can be replaced if there is a failure with minimal effort, failed d-rings will require a more involved repair.

    The WD also have snap closures on the door, you can either overlap the doors if desired or use the snaps to secure them. I'm not aware if the SLD tarp has this feature as standard.
    Exactly why I love cottage vendors. They love what they do and will go out of their way to help!!

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    I know that this is an old thread but I thought that I might weigh in. I own two UGQ Hanger 12 Tarps in 20D silpoly using the end pole mods and although they are not the Winter Dream version they are very similar. One has the edge and ridge tape (newer one) and the other does not (purchased used from a member here). We have used both tarps as our primary tarps for about a year and our last trip we encountered a very heavy storm. Neither tarp has ever given us an issue or failed us in any way. They are simply great tarps at a very reasonable price. Although I have not seen a significant difference in the use of the edge and ridge tape (neither tarp has failed) I must admit that it gives it a more durable appearance visually.

    That being said. I have an SLD Winter Haven 13' in Silpoly XL 20D/1.1oz on order with the three pole mod. I will be able to compare them once it arrives if anyone is still interested in this old thread. One might ask why I chose the WH over the WD and it mainly came down to the fact the I am a huge fan of Jared's work and I wanted something that was not hex cut (aka more interior space).

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