So here's my dilemma.

We're in a hotel over Christmas. There's a 90% chance of snow tomorrow, with a low of 8F in Woodland Park. 80% chance of snow on Christmas Eve with a low of 4F. So it should be sub-zero in the mountains right above Woodland Park, probably on both nights.

I pitched this plan to my wife that we take our gifts to the mountains for Christmas Eve. She'd sleep in the Cherokee while Joker (10 y/o) and I are in the hammocks, we have a big fire, then open presents in the mountains. Either the stars aligned or she's just testing me...but she agreed. Caught me completely off guard!

So my dilemma is what to do. Should I jump on this opportunity and spend all my "marital capital" on one trip, knowing that it'll be a great memory but I'll hear about it for the next year, everytime a Honey-Do list comes up? Or skip it, knowing that there will be plenty of other winter storms in Jan-Mar to camp in?

If the Yeti comes in today or early tomorrow, I might go up on the 23rd for a quick overnighter even though it might not dip below zero. Then I can wait for a bigger storm early next year. Probably the sensible thing to do but doesn't make it the RIGHT thing to do. At least not in the name of hammock science.

Joker's good with it as long as we come home on Christmas Day to play with his toys.

Ahhhhh...decisions, decisions....