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    @Latt you could ask Outandback (or another mod) to change it, but frankly I think the point has been made.

    @clearskyblue as the folk here are pretty techy and sometimes quite spendy, it might be worth your while detailing shell materials, fabric weights, types of baffling, darting and shaping, as well as available down weights and sourcing.
    They are somewhat more discerning than you average butchgrafter.

    I'm all for encouraging European cottage manufacturers.

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    Buying an underquilt from James at Blueskylavender this week hopefully. Going for a six feet long baffled version with 400g of 860 down. Currently using an Alpkit Cloud Cover as my underquilt which has 200g of 750 hydrophobic goose down and is generally used as a quilt on my bivi or tent trips. Should be noticeably warmer on the colder nights, hopefully comfortable down to about -7.

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    With the baffles constructed sideways, do you feel the down shifting downwards sometimes resulting in cold shoulders?

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