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    WTB: Small tarp (almost anything)

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    Normally a ground dweller but thought i would give this hammock stuff a try....

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    I have a Big Agnes SL-3 Footprint. I bought it because I needed a tarp, and this was the lightest and largest thing I could get on a Thursday for a Friday trip. It didn't get used because I found a ENO Profly in navy blue later that Thursday.

    The SL-3 was removed from the stuff sack twice. The Profly was used one night. Either one or both are yours for a reasonable offer.

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    Thanks for the reply, I don't think that any of them will do the job I am after, but appreciate the note.

    I think what I am after is a more traditional lean-to style tarp or a single cat cut.

    But thanks again,

    Normally a ground dweller but thought i would give this hammock stuff a try....

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