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    What's Your Setup for the Colorado Winter Hang?

    So the Colorado Winter Hang is coming up in late February...temps are expected to be well below negative cold. What gear will keep you warm?

    Of course everything can change six times between now and then, but my current plan is:

    Hammock - haven't decided - maybe a DIY Blackbird with no bug net
    Top - MWUQ4 and JRB hood - 30 oz
    Bottom - Winter Yeti with Reflective Liner - 23 oz
    - torso-sized CCF pad - a few oz depending on how big I bring
    Tarp - JRB 11' x 10' Cat Tarp

    And maybe the Hammock Sock. I'm planning a new model if I have time to make it. Would be nice if I had a matching DIY Blackbird and Hammock Sock.

    And then I'll have the gear I'm wearing...coat, ThermaWrap pants (and I'll probably have some fleece pants on as well), etc.

    So what are you bringing?
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