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    Sewing machine for a newbie

    I fancy having a go at some DIY gear and have started the search for a decent starter sewing machine.

    I realise you guys over there have a much bigger choice than what I've got so manufacturers etc might not be much help. Can you recommend some features I need to be looking out for though.

    I came across this, partly because I know the name but also it's not too hard on the wallet if it turns out I'm crap at sewing.

    Any thoughts guys ?

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    the best advice ever given on this subject is to check under neath the machine- if the rods and gears are all metal you are good to go- if there are plastic or nylon parts, then you need to put it down and keep looking.
    Singer, Kenmore, Bernina, etc- all well known brands, but in the 80's many went to nylon gears to save weight.. so look for 50's - 60's era machines- usually available at your local sewing repair shop as trade-ins or unclaimed repair..even the local thrift shop has yeilded salvagable machines, after a trip to said repair shop; for less than the cost of new flimsy machines. all you need is a straight stitch- possibly a zigzag, but it is possible to get along without it.
    Hope this helps!KM

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    Check on ebay

    I like the Old PFAFF and Singer machines. They are hard to beat I have a Pfaff 130 and a Singer 306j that Im going to put on ebay soon. Both good machines. If you are on ebay make sure to ask plenty of questions and save the answers so you want get jipped.

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    Pfaff can't be beat!
    My mom does "art" sewing, and swears by the Pfaff. I've done some projects on her first/oldest machine myself (not hammock related -- reenactment stuff) and it was a champ. The most basic machine should do everything I've seen folks talk about here in the forums.
    "We are the largest UK authorised Pfaff dealer and leading mail order / online supplier, we have been trading for over 60 years in new and used sewing machines, spares, parts, "... etc. etc.
    I don't see the used machines on their website.. probably need to email them for a current list.

    Good luck!
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