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    Using JRB cat-cut in a hammock chair?

    The thread on the JRB cat-cut hammock got me thinking that this concept could be used to make a hammock chair for Mother Nature that just might work. MN has degenerative disc disease - getting up and down from the ground is extemely difficult for her these days.

    My vision for this project is something light weight, easily set-up and that can be set up underneath a tarp (so Sue can cook, relax, and just enjoy BPing again).

    Any thoughts from you DIY types?
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    I'm thinking make a short hammock, like 6 or 7 feet or something. When whipping, pull one sideup tight to bring up the back and also serve a a head rest. Leave the other side loose ot make getting in a out of easy. Maybe even make a smaller hammock (smaller than a gear hammock even) to use as a foot rest.

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    Or maybe only cat cut one side. Leave the otherside uncut and pull tight to make the head rest like I wrote above.

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    I tried the design Slowhike linked a while back. It requires twisting the back to exist the hammock - something that isn't a good idea for MN. I am considering making one for the dinos however .

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