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    I am already to setup my clew suspension .... I have been through this post already, but it is long and I may have missed it .... I calculated the nettle lengths based on the OP and then again from JFs report, they don't appear to be the same calculation (~20% difference).

    Sooooo ... is there a reason to pick one over the other or does it not make much difference?


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    The quilt + clews needs to be shorter than the total length of the hammock. Exactly how much isn't especially important. Ideally it needs to provide some stretch when attached. Not so much as to max out the shockcord, and not so little as to not engage the shockcord at all. Roughly:

    Quilt + Clews = HammockLength * (7/8)

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    Great thread, giving me lots of ideas to improve Costco Down Throw UQ. I currently have only 'two nettles' with the extra in the middle rubber-banded together to reduce drafts.

    Regardless of number of nettles, I have been attaching each of them to my CDT with pennies. Just like using a rock if your tarp grommet rips out; "poke it through" and tie the nettle's end around it.. (Sorry no pics right now). I tend to take a very "use what you got" approach. Buttons (or actual pebbles) would work too. Perhaps best of all would be styrofoam balls about .75"/20mm (50 for $9 on Amazon I see). I'm neither a sewer nor a kamsnapper

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