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Thread: YOBO Stand

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    Some info:

    Calvin Fenton Creator 6 days ago

    Hi Hunter Gatherer!
    Yes, our stands will work great with your Hennessy hammock and any other system that uses a 12' or shorter hammock. Thank-you for writing in and happy hammocking!

    Calvin Fenton Creator 7 days ago

    Hey Edward,
    You are right, many instances you will want more than one stake, many times we were able to setup with one stake. In our video, we figured most people don't want to sit around and watch us pound in stakes, and apologize if it came across as misleading.
    With that being said, We also want to be as transparent as possible on our anchoring system. There is no one system that is perfect with every soil type that is both light and affordable. We are offering (4) 12" DAC stakes with every stand, which by themselves Is a great system. We have developed two more anchoring systems that we will be making available during our Kickstarter campaign that are the lightest and best available anywhere. That said, there are very affordable options you can purchase in your local hardware stores that work great in different soil conditions as well.
    From Spax anchors in asphalt and ice to a couple sandbags that can be easily carried, filled and buried, cam anchors in rocks, rebar stakes in loose ground. Etc... The important thing is to be safe and have fun.
    We have more videos available here Thank-you for your comments and Happy Hammocking!

    Calvin Fenton Creator 7 days ago

    If you plan to use another support (Tree, Truck, Rock, Porch, Etc.) you will only need 1 stand. But if you want to setup with nothing but the stands, you will want 2 stands.
    As of right now, if you want a "complete" set (i.e. 2 stands, one for each end) it will set you back $230. Yikes! I would hate to see the post-kickstarter price! But there are people out there buying. 125 backers so far (minus the five $5 backers = 120 buying at least one stand).

    Update to my post: digging around the website I did see what is probably a MSRP for the stands...$175 PER single stand. So a full set of two will set you back $350 if you don't get them at the Kickstarter price.
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    About 10 days left. Will be interested to see if they can raise that last bit before time runs out. Would like them to at least produce a few and get them into the market so we have a chance to evaluate them real world. Their latest post mentioned something about a new, patent pending stake design which will be offered as part of the campaign, but they provide no images or details. Too bad since it is getting a little late now, and if the stake concept is cool it might have helped generate that little extra buzz for the campaign.

    Whether the KS works for them or not, I suggested they bring their prototypes to some group hangs and get feedback from this community. Maybe with some suggested improvements there could eventually be another viable option in the market. Not for everyone obviously, but having a backup system that can be stored in a closet or in your car might be useful for some. Since there is no ridge pole, I was looking at it as a smaller, lighter Tato option, but not as light or versatile as the NoGround Hiking Pole as Shug points out. A tweener, maybe.

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    This one apparently never got off the ground. I recently bought a Tensa 4 and am duly impressed.

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