Has anybody else seen the new X-Pac VS 75 "Sub-zero Sleeping Bag Liner" that Quest Outfitters is offering? It is astronomically expensive, like all X-Pac, @ $26/yd so it's not going to find widespread adoption compared to Argon or MEMBRANE as a liner. It would certainly be interesting for a sub-zero quilt set depending on how much the foil actually boosts the temperature rating of any given insulation. It could also be used to make the $Yeti$ version of a meal coozie.

http://questoutfitters.com/Coated_2.htm (search VS 75)

Making a 50L X-Pac VX 21 backpack is one of my burning desires, but I've never been able to pull the trigger on a fabric that expensive, so I just window shop to sate myself and saw this fascinating fabric today. Not much chance of me needing it in NC