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BTW, the two passes through the standing part, prior to the bury, are called a Marlin splice.

Marlin is two strand, twisted, tarred hemp... it is small stuff, used for a variety of things, including mousing shackles, seizing shrouds, knife lanyards and breakout ties for sails.

Being two strand, it cannot not be spliced in the traditional manner, so it is spliced with three passes through the standing part, like the two passes Opie has shown prior to the bury. It is surprisingly strong, and doesn't reduce the strength of the line much at all.

- MacEntyre, user of hemp
So the part thats being called the "locked brummel" is actually a "marlin splice?"

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Great photos. When do you taper the end? If you taper it at the start, before you first grab the tail end of the bury, and grab at the middle of the tapered part, not where it starts, then the doubled portion that is held by the fid is approximately the same thickness as the main part of the line. This makes it easier to pull the bury into the line (photos 14 and 15).
Sometimes I do it before I run the bury, sometimes after.

Ive found if after you grab the tail of whatever your pulling through, and turn the cut end back into the line prior to pulling through, it goes without much problem.

Like this...

Instead of this..