Heres the deal, its freaking cold in GA right now(coldest its been in 20 years) I have a new peapod Ive never used (Christmas present) Its going to be in the high teens this weekend, and like any sane person I am planning on taking my peapod out on its maiden voyage. (My wife thinks Im crazy!) My question is.......if I put a space blanket in between the bottom of the hammock and the peapod, will I have condensation problems? (Ill be in the back yard so I can always bail if needed!) (we have 3 acres of woods for a backyard, so its actually pretty cool!) I need to get some cold weather nights in the peapod under my belt before I take a real trip. I was planning on using a synthetic quilt as a TQ-----------will I be warm enough on the bottom? I guess there s only one way to find out! Ill let you know!