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    Just read all 37 pages! Thank you to Leiavoia for the excellent design, tips and sharing. Thank you to Boone Down South for making the 2 part video series that helped me visualize the build. And thank you to all the members that posted reports and pictures of their builds. I just bought a couple CDTs and will be seam ripping soon.
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    Yes I am going to have four dedicated quits to start with 2 top and 2 bottom, what would recommend for the top quilt design and have you devised a way to snap two together for cooler temps or just stuff one into the other ? I was going to just snap the foot-box together per your new layout.

    Quote Originally Posted by leiavoia View Post
    If you will only be using it as a double underquilt, there are some snaps you can remove on Castor. The extras are used for either Winter Mode or for Topquilt mode.

    If you want a dedicated top quilt, then I would actually recommend choosing a different design for that. This design is mostly meant to provide an effective double layered underquilt. A single layer is only going to be useful at the top of Summer.

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    I would recommend using a different topquilt design in that case. The GEMINI is optimized to do as much as possible with exactly two blankets. I would recommend you make the GEMINI as documented, then make something more specific for the top quilt. (see the "show us your costco!" thread for ideas.)

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    Gemini 55" x 75" Design?

    Overall I believe the Gemini is an excellent creative design! My one concern with the Castor as a top quilt is the 70" length and its length reduction with the Tetra-Pak" inspired shaped footbox. I'm 5'11". Has anyone of similar height had any issues associated with shorter length when using the Castor (version 2 or version 1) as a topquilt? If not, I may just follow the Gemini concept as is with maybe a few personal touches.

    If the 70" is too short, I am considering using the same approach as the Gemini overall, but adding in a similar idea as the popular 50"x 80" Costco DIY top quilt design (that DOES require some sewing) that others have mentioned and as illustrated below

    BUT instead creating a 55" x 75" by cutting only ONE row on the long side and sewing it on the bottom for an extra 5", using ribbon and cam snaps (similar to how they are attached on the Pollux) combined with cord and lock(s) at the foot to close the bottom instead of sewing or using the Tetra-Pak footbox. The remaining three squares could be either discarded, used to add a little extra down to other channels, sewn/snapped as a flap at the end to fill the tiny gap created when cinched at the end, etc. The 55" width (compared to the 50" x 80" Costco DIY) would also give it more functionality by making it more suitable for taking to ground or for those who like the extra width in a hammock topquilt.

    The underquilt (Pollux) could then be made into a 55" x 75" as well, and I would think the narrower width would not be an issue as this design would get the width narrower and closer to those of other manufacturer designs (HG, etc.). Cord and locks and a few additional cam snaps on the sides about two feet (to enclose the footbox area, snap ribbon loops are already there for the clew attachments) could also be added to give it additional functionality as an topquilt for both a hammock and the ground. The Pollux topquilt mode could then be attached to the Castor topquilt mode for an extra thick topquilt for ground or hammock use (either utilizing the same snaps as for the underquilt and/or simply putting one inside the other). The 75" length is also the same as similar products such as the OV Aerie UQ that doubles as a sleeping bag and underquilt. The width of the Aerie is greater, but that's because it is designed more as a sleeping bag than a topquilt. The only really potentially complicated part IMO might be modifying the snap placements from the 60x70" design to conform to a 55"x 75" design.

    Has anyone else tried making something almost identical to the Gemini but initially modifying the quilt to a 55"x 75", 50" x 80", etc.? Does anyone know if a Gemini 55"x 75" design has already been done and posted somewhere (I'm throwing a Hail Mary here haha)?

    In summary, based off this cursory-level concept

    - You would follow the Gemini philosophy, but initially convert your 60"x70" into a 55"x75". This obviously would require some sewing, but nothing too crazy.
    - You would use cord and a lock with cam snap loops to cinch the bottom of the Castor to maximize its length. Even if you don't utilize spare material to snap a flap for cover, one could use extra clothing, a foam or air seat mat, etc. on hand to fill the small air gap when needed
    - You could add cord and a lock on the bottom of the Pollux, utilizing the same snap loops that are used for the clews in the underquilt configuration, and adding a few extra snaps to use it as an additional topquilt
    - The 55" width makes it ideal for both hammock and ground use (in lieu of the other popular 50" x 80" Costco DIY topquilt design that seems more ideal for hammock only). 55" is the width Hammock Gear recommends for topquilts used both on the ground and in the hammock.
    - The 75" length would be the same as the popular Outdoor Vitals Aerie sleeping bag/underquilt combo.
    - Design could potentially result in options of: the original Gemini 1) Summer underquilt with summer topquilt (but now longer) 2) 3 season underquilt 3) 4 season underquilt (would be slightly narrower) and additionally 4) Two summer topquilts for both hammock and ground 5) Single warmer topquilt (three-season, maybe?) for hammock or ground.

    Has anyone tried a similar design or see any issues with this approach based off his/her experience? Even if the 70" length ends up being sufficient for me, this might be useful for anyone else needing something a few inches longer but still having Gemini versatility! Thanks!

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    Hi Tiger,

    At 5'11'' you will indeed find the 70" topquilt to be too short (regardless of the footbox design. I've tried it both ways). It will not cinch around the neck very well.

    However, the conditions in which i would actually use the Gemini set as separate top/bottom quilts is "Summer fair weather" with temps around ~60F at night. In these conditions, i really don't care if the top quilt is too short because i only have it on very loosely anyway. Top Quilt Mode is really just a nice freebie on this design. It was not originally meant as a top/bottom combo.

    For anything colder than Summertime use, it should be used for its primary intended purpose as a double-layered underquilt. You could then use whatever you want for a top quilt or sleeping bag, including other Costco mods found in the "Show us Your Costco" thread. I think it would be better to have a dedicated top quilt that fits well than to try to bend this design past what it was meant for.

    There have been a few two-layered Costco top quilt threads recently you could check out for ideas and possibly shoot for a 4-blanket system.

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    I made just the pollux a couple weeks ago and it is such a great design and works so well for my indoor hang, use it every night since. One suggestion for those making one, leave the shock cord on the nail board and transfer one loop at a time to the quilt. I got some 1mm shock cord on amazon it was really hard to work with, first clew I made got all tangled up and was thrown out. I hope one of the cottage vendors here come out with something like this


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