Many persons new to hammocking want an underquilt but can't afford one. This DIY project is intended for just that audience.

This is a "Costco mod" that puts together many of the best DIY ideas into one. It uses creative layering of two blankets to achieve triple-layer downy goodness on a budget.

Design Goals:
  • No sewing required
  • Low cost
  • Easy for n00bs
  • Highly effective (i.e. not just a novelty item)

  • No-Sew. Absolutely no sewing required. It literally snaps together!
  • $65. Includes all off-the-shelf materials and tools.
  • Perfect Shape Conforming Fit. Say goodbye to cold spots! Innovative elastic clew suspension keeps it snug all night no matter how you lay in it.
  • Convertible. Converts from a Summertime two-piece top+bottom quilt set to a triple-layer Winter underquilt.
  • Modular. Built from two separate blankets, you can swap them out or layer them together.
  • Triple Layer. Up to 5" loft (2" at pressure points)
  • 650 Fill Power Down. Packs down smaller than synthetic quilts.

  • Weight: About 2lbs 3oz for the complete set.
  • Labor: Should take about 6 hours to complete.
  • Cost: $65 max. Less if you already have the tools.
  • Temperatures: At least 3-seasons, better depending on location, conditions, and other gear.

Complete, exhaustive instructions with lots of pictures:

gemini_diagram.png convertable_gemini.png gemini_diagram_3layer.png 3_layer_02.jpg finished_02.jpg 3_layer_01.jpg finished_01.jpg 3_layer_03.jpg