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    How long does it take to sew one?

    My HH Hyperlite is on it's way, but after reading these threads I'm wondering if I can talk my wife into sewing one for me. Of course she hates all the time I spend on the CPU reading this stuff, so it may be an uphill battle. Just in case I win, can you tell me how long it takes to sew a hammock?

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    Depends on what kind - the Risk test hammock - 10 minutes - no sewing. If you're making a HH clone, probably about 4 hours.

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    My HH clone took about 5-6 hours total, including bug netting, zippers, and top covers. I can sew a basic Speer type hammock in about 15 minutes. They are pretty quick if you have some sewing skills because you just roll hem all the edges and you are basically done with the sewing portion. That doesn't count the whipping and attaching the suspension which doesn't really take that long, maybe an hour total from cutting fabric to laying in your hammock.
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    Yeah, Speer style is the easiest as far as sewing. Maybe that would be the best way to go. Just ask/beg teller her to sew a hem and then you just follow Speer's directions from there.

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