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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouter_Ken View Post
    Beautiful Tarp.

    I made one over Christmas. Used the recommended radial reinforcements at the tieouts and pullouts. For the tieouts I measured back from the edge the amount for the rolled hem and sewed some grosgrain into the rolled hem on the tieouts. been on a number of campouts and there is no sign of any separation. as long as you use silnet and glue the PU side (shiny) to PU you are good. PU to non-pu will separate as will non-pu to non-pu.

    attached are a few pics that show better than I can describe

    Attachment 148623Attachment 148624Attachment 148625Attachment 148626Attachment 148627Attachment 148628Attachment 148629
    Great job! I like the idea of adding some grosgrain reinforcement to the tie outs. Maybe for V 2.0!!
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    Copied this from my superfly
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