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    Los Angeles Area Hanger?

    Hey folks, I just got myself a nice little Hennessy setup for use on my planned kayak trip down the length of the Mississippi. I thought I might be able to save myself a whole lot of trouble if I could find someone in the LA area that would be willing to meet me at say, a park or something, and give me a quick master class in advanced hammockisms. Or if that sounds like too big a pain maybe we could just share a pitcher and you could let me in on any handy tips or secrets to getting the most out of my new hammock. Either way there will likely be beer involved.

    Anyone out there who'd be willing to lend a hand please PM me. Thanks all!


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    Can't help with the face to face lessons, but Welcome to the Forum!
    Trust nobody!

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    I do not check this part of the forums much. Sorry to have missed you.

    I have been checking out your period-related PCT journey. Loving the goat army!

    I live in Orange County, and our hammock get togetherness is low intensity, maybe even pulseless. But we are here, and hopefully one of us can bump into you when you are back in L.A.

    Happy trails!

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    Torrance in the house!

    I am scarcely a wilderness 'hanger' yet... I did watch a Rockford Files episode on over the air TV in my hammock in the garage last night though.

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