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    Planning ahead AT hike TQ & UQ question

    Hahaha awesome quick ground set up.

    I had a similar night at Antler campsite in the 100 mile, though totally due to my carelessness. I somehow forgot a tree strap - had to run to the privy mid tear down and just slipped my mind somehow. (A fellow hiker eventually found it and even mailed it home to me!)

    20 miles later the realization hit me like a hook to the face and I poured and moaned and used my Blackbird xlc as a rather expensive bivy that night

    The next night we Jerry rigged a setup out of my bear line that worked for the next 2 nights till Katahdin.

    Dutch actually sold me a replacement strap for 5 bucks or so; clip and all

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    HG Burrow/Incubatr
    Kevlar_mule tape
    Just got my HG Burrow TQ and HG Econ Incubator UQ. Both 20°, Incubator with 1 oz overstuff for better performance in wind. We do not get many cold nights in FL so I took advantage of the cool temps this week and hung out in the backyard. Frost was predicted, yay!

    Hung my DH Darien under the WB Mountain fly and spent a good while arranging, tightening cords (hey, here is another one!), rearranging; all while watching the temperature and the sun go lower. Wore base layer top/bottom, wool socks and beanie. Just to be sure added the insulating jacket and fleece neck gaiter for good measure. Oh, filled the nalgene with hot water, grabbed my book and set out for the rugged back yard.

    After trekking for 30 hard yards, I settled in for the night. Within 20 minutes the jacket came off (hot!) and the gaiter soon followed. The jacket landed on top of my feet, the gaiter wrapped around the nalgene which was at my feet, and I had a very pleasant night! Easily warm all over all night. The sun woke me about 5:00 am and a quick check of the temp confirmed it was 31°. Yay, below freezing! I put my arms through the jacket sleeves and read some more to enjoy the morning. Checking the temp of the water in the nalgene when I went in for coffee, it was still at 100°.

    Overall very positive experience! Feel better prepared for GA next March! Full disclosure: no wind, no rain, bailout nearby. Still have Dec and Jan to get in some overnight trips on local trails.

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    You’re good to go bud, have fun

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