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I want to sleep in a DH Sparrow, or Raven. On a more serious note, sorry you guys got rained out. I have a superfly and have never had a problem with water. I use my webbing as a drip line just half hitch it above the buckle and no problem. Keep trying it will work out. That's how we all learn. I told my Girl Scouts to think about the "next time" and write down what they would do differently (like bring better bug dope--they got chewed this weekend up in Vermont on their backpack trip). So I am sure you are thinking of the next time. At least I am glad you have not given up!
Thanks for the well wishes.It's hard to figure out what to do for our little pouchie (35 lbs).
One thing I will do is inspect my set up much more closely. I also now know that my pull outs on the MamaJamba need to be better seem sealed (my Super Fly never gave me an issue), and for all future car camping hangs I will bring my hammeck hammock stand. Sometimes it isn't easy finding the right trees.