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    ? Custom Tarps ? nothing to esoteric

    Hi Paul,
    Do you and your guys over at Arrowhead do custom tarps? I am looking for a simple 8x10 in a dark color to cover the standard 8' state park picnic table. Like this one:

    It would be for shade mostly. I planned to use two REI gold replacement 7' tent poles for supports (at the 8' ends) 6 each 10'-12' simple guidelines with 6 stakes when there are no trees, like in the photo above.
    It would be cool if you could put one extra wide door or should I call it wings since I would never drop the pitch so steep they would close like doors more just to give me a little more shade at one end.

    What do you think? Got some inexpensive dark sylnylon laying around? Weight is not a big issue I would be carrying this on a mtn bike.
    The one door/wings could be from remnants as long as they kind of matched. I'm not that picky in my old age.

    If your answer is yes I'll contact you via your website. I just though i'd ask here on the forum since I could post a picture.

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    I'm sure we could work up something for you. I'll pm you.
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