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    No way. I hated pads. Never felt comfortable or balanced on an inflatable and all the close fell foam pads were a pain in the butt to lay on. I felt like I got wet laying on the CF pad. Immediately bought an HG incubator and havenít looked back. Itís worth every cent

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    I will use a pad in my bridge hammocks. I find them very easy and make the bridge a little more comfortable. The top quilt comes into play a lot more though and having good insulation on the outer tubes I find a plus as I find myself tucking in the sides a lot more that I do in my gathered ends.

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    Sleeping pads yes or no

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    Yes. And no.

    As you can see from responses here, some hammocks- bridges with pad pockets(maybe even without, though I'd rather have the pad pocket) and most certainly the 90* style hammocks- are either very comfy with pads or sometimes even more comfy.

    I personally have had far less success in a gathered hammock, even with a pad pocket. Although, I did have one night that was more than fine with stacked pads NOT designed for winter by themselves(each was only 2.6R), but 1 full length and one torso sized, stacked in a Speer SPE, inside a single layer Speer hammock, at 18F, no tarp. At the time, that was my first truly warm night in a hammock. And I was pretty comfy, still better than ground.

    But, if I was having trouble getting the job done with an UQ in a GE, I would not hesitate to add my torso sized cut down WM blue pad(my sit pad) under my butt and back. Either right in the hammock, or in a pad pocket if available, or possibly between and UQ and the hammock. Especially a dif cit UQ that I could snug up tight, pulling the pad up snug against my back. (but, there are potential fit problems with that last, so be careful. IOW, might make the UQ gap or cause drafts, especially if the pad is long or wide or thick) I have even laid a WM Blue pad under the hammock inside a Speer Pea Pod. Could not tell it was there except for the warmth. Worked like a charm. I have a buddy who used a 55F PeaPod, routinely in the 20s, always warm, with all hammock comfort. He just placed his pad under the hammock inside the Speer Pea Pod.

    But a CCF pad in the pad pocket of a bridge? Heck yes, why not, with or without an UQ, if the UQ is not quite getting the job done. I might not even know the pad is there, except for the stout increase in warmth!

    Pads have many advantages(along with their well known disadvantages in a hammock) compared to finicky UQs. Just think about it: Assuming you have an ability to stay on it, and assuming comfort is not totally ruined( and it is not for some people, and not at all for most bridge or 90* hammock users), you are not ever going to have some mystery gap or draft! You will not be concerned with an inability to keep wind from hitting the bottom of your hammock, or at least not near as concerned as with an UQ. Laying on a 2.5" thick Neoair in a 90* hammock, no tarp. I may not even feel the wind on my back, where as with an UQ every big gust seems to make my 25F UQ a 50F UQ. Same thing for moisture, very little harm from moisture being blown under your tarp, or splashing up, compared to an UQ. And if per chance there is a cold snap way beyond what you were expecting, along with horrendous winds? Just lower that hammock right down to barely touching the ground! No wind can get under it, and you can lower your tarp so that the edges are actually touching the ground. Once that pad is barely in contact with the ground, it only has to deal with ground or snow temps. Which are most likely much warmer than the air(underneath an UQ) in that record setting cold snap. Maybe 20 or 30* warmer! (and if you sometimes are required to stay in a shelter, or like to camp above treeline sometimes? Well, the solution is obvious, no?)

    So, UQs are king when it come to comfort, at least in a GE hammocks. But pads do have their advantages, and are dual function(sit pads, emergency ground pad, boost an UQ if needed, fan a fire, sit on the ground or in a chair next to a fire without worries of burning a hole in a down quilt, maybe others)

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