To all my freinds in the HF community...

As you all know the Haitian community was devastated by an earthquake. We are in contact with a orphanage in Haiti, run by an incredibly giving young lady, Mallery Thurlow. She has e-mailed us in need of hammocks, tarps and mosquito netting. Of course she is swamped with many needs, but she asked us for these things and I happen to know some great folks here who have those items, or know how to make them!!

If you would like to clean out the gear closet, or bust out your thread injector, it would be awesome. Small hammocks are in order for the kids. Mosquitoes are eating people up, and carrying diseases. Mosquito netting is the answer. If you would like to donate fabric, great. We can do the work here. Mallery's website about the orphanage. She also has an interview on here when she was leaving to return to Haiti, after the earthquake. There's a paypal site there for donations, if you would like. Her website is pre-earthquake, but I'll try to put up some recent pics when I get them.

Getting donated items down to Haiti is going to be handled by me. I will collect any items and send them down. We are working with a airplane pilot to co-ordinate this effort.

Send donated items to:

Global Embrace Missions
P.O. Box 13
Middleville MI 49333

We also made some woven plastic mats from those silly plastic bags you get at the store. We cut them into strips and crochet or knit them into functional sleeping mats. (Here are some pics from the Dominican Republic orphanage, my family has been working with the past 2 years. Haiti and the DR share the same island.)
Before we made these the kids were sleeping on the floor.
As you can see, the mats are popular. And we are recycling a product otherwise destined for the landfill. But we could use your help with these also. The mats work great and don't collect bugs and can be washed clean easily.

Thank you HF community,and the mods for this opportunity.
Sincerely, Gargoyle.