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    EMS Series 3 Shelter System

    I search the forums but could not find any info on the system. It's a tent / hammock / rain fly. I found a few reviews online and most were not very positive. I currently use a HH Explorer, but was shopping at EMS tonight and picked this thing up for $40, regular $299. Has anyone has any success with this or familiar with it? The direction are terrible and it seem a little complex to marry the hammock and tent together and it claims it does. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    One thing that I notice with the hammock that I thought was a very cool feature - it has what appears to be a sleeve that would accomodate a pad. I think it's a great idea to keep your pad in place. I have some trouble with my pad shifting out of place as I move....
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    Never heard of this item before but found some reviews online. Unfortunately they're negative but for only $40 you may willing to forgive some shortcomings.
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