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    WD Performance / Trip Report

    Quote Originally Posted by billvann View Post
    Scott, call off the dogs!!! I found the zip-lock bag with the two extra shock cords and clips. My bad.
    I just happen to have two large dogs... they'll be disappointed on the call back.

    I'm pretty sure I mailed you two more - so you'll have backups now.

    Thanks so much for the trip report. I'm glad it went well!

    Quote Originally Posted by billvann View Post
    The tarp performed perfectly.
    Great news!

    Quote Originally Posted by billvann View Post
    I have a few pictures but they're still on my camera.
    Pictures Pictures Pictures!

    Quote Originally Posted by billvann View Post
    The double-ended stuff sack didn't work out as well as I thought it would.

    I may opt for snake skins like I have for my hammock as that's such a quick, easy way to set up. But I need to figure a way to lock the toggles in the D-rings. I'll post that problem in Opie's forum.
    If you decide against skins and want to go with a standard stuff sack, just toss me a message and I'll post you a regular Winter Dream stuff sack. They're in storage now (during the home sale endeavor), so it may take me a bit to find them, but it shouldn't be a problem.
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    One of the other leaders posted a pic as I started to break down the rig. Hence the noob's tent is gone. (As I was sleeping comfortably in my hammock I might add).

    (note the "like new" Coleman heater box at the right I think I may have to crop this image and reload it later!)

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