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    A little help from my friends

    Ive been a long time hammock camper and forum creaper-reader and finally some friends want to join me on the PCT. Since I have accumulated most of my items from trail and error, I have found it difficult giving my friends good advice. I have written a list of things to get for a PCT partial hike(about 2-4 weeks max) next summer that I think might be best for them. Since most of my friends are professionals (middle school teachers and hospital workers (we are all over 30))city slickers and prefer cool gadgets to practical tools, I tried to add the best of both. I would be grateful for amendment, suggestions, and comments for some PCT stretches worth a 4 week once in a lifetime attention. I prefer lakes, waterfalls, rivers, caves, and streams. I don't mind taking a week or two just to spend a few days at an amazing waterfall, river, cave, or stream. I just got to have water close by. It makes fun and survival much easier. long time listener first time caller, thankS in advance.

    here is what I have so far
    feel free to comment. thank you,


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    A little help from my friends

    Click Forums, click outings, click Northwest? And attend a local Hang--where you can experience hammocks and see what gear will compliment your rigs.
    At your local hang--meet campers who have hiked PCT--ask questions and listen to their stories-advice.
    Ask an experienced hiker-camper (not a car camper) if you can join them on a weekend shakedown hike and camp.
    This experience should help in planning a fun, safe jaunt--trekking PCT

    I'd go with you, if I could get my gear to fit in 120 liter Black Hole Duffel...
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    Welcome from Northern Arkansas! Maybe a few tests near home for the gear, and as Phantom said, check out the trip reports, local hangs, and when all else fails just ask. Lots of friendly folk here as you already know! Enjoy the hang!

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    Hi and welcome from West Virginia!

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