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    Clark Jungle Hammock or Lawson BRCH?

    Greetings! I'm looking to grab my first hammock and I'm torn between the two mentioned in the title. I realize, posting here, I may get some biased thoughts, but that's no biggie. I'm a side sleeper for a variety of reasons, if that information is helpful. I've looked into bridge hammocks, and they don't seem to be what I'm looking for. So, is there anyone out there that has tried both the Clark and the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock that can give some thoughts and advantages/disadvantages of the two? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    I have not tried the Lawson, so I can't speak to that part of your question. I did look into the Lawson BRCH prior to buying my Clark TX-250. I bought the Clark years ago based on the experience & testimony of a co-worker who had been using his Clark Nx-250 for 10 years. In fact, he ordered a second one when I ordered mine. He then handed his old one down to his daughter.

    I've gathered that Clark isn't a real popular brand here, many prefer their cottage vendors. And that's fine, you just may not find many fans of the Clark or Lawson. But I will say that I love my Clark TX-250. I'm generally a side sleeper also and have not had any problems in the Clark. It isn't the lightest, but I'm rarely backpacking, so that doesn't bother me at all. I like the integral bug net & weathershield. I swapped out the ropes that came with it and now use carabiners & daisy chain straps. I can have it setup pretty quickly. As far as the pockets underneath, if I'm at Boy Scout Camp for a week or so, I'll use them, or in the winter where I might want to reach items without getting out. But for most of my camping, which are weekends with Boy Scouts, I rarely use the gear pockets. I added a ridge line and made an organizer pouch that I can drop wallet, keys, etc into. I also hang a headlamp from the RL so I can easily read.

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    Haven't tried either, but plenty of fans of the Clark here. Its expensive for what you get and you likely will get a lot of comments that are rooted in value. The Clark has some features which are IMO, dubious in value, but its a bomber hammock and who am I to say what value those features are to someone else?

    Not sure about the Lawson. Seems like you'd have to string it real tight in order to reduce sag in the middle, and doing so surely makes it a bit tippy. I'd caution on how it looks via how it actually performs. Its on Massdrop right now if you're interested, though. If it was only these two, I'd jump on the Lawson for almost $200 less.

    Having done this a while, I'll say that you're really missing out if you're going with a product where the tarp encloses you like a tent. You want a tent, go buy a tent. Hammocks benefit and suffer from air flow, but I'd rather manage the air flow and reap its benefit than be couped up in a hanging tent that suffers from underneath air flow and lack of it up top.

    Was there any reason you're not considering Hennessy or Warbonnet? Those two have been the most popular, but DreamHammock and others deserve a look, too.
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    I can't speak for the Lawson as I have not owned it, nor any other bridge-style hammock.

    As for Clark, I am a side and belly sleeper at home but generally sleep on my side or back in the hammock. The longer NX series has made that more practical for me than it was in the NA series. The Clark shines it's best in shoulder season and cold weather when some of the features really do help out:

    - Being able to use the weather shield to up the inside temperature 7 to 10 degrees.
    - Heavy bed material helps block wind.
    - The inside pockets on the NX series to keep from needing to unzip to get to gear and throw in some extra insulation.

    In most other ways it's a heavy-construction gathered end hammock. Nothing super special. They do represent a pretty hefty outlay of cash but you get very durable and long-lasting gear for that money and a pretty good return/repair policy. I've continued to use the ropes as the suspension. Using an SMC descending ring in a trucker's hitch style arrangement lets me make adjustments quickly and easily just using the rope and that's a pretty light-weight suspension. I like the pockets up near the head end and I even use the pistol pocket for a pistol. I did make up an interior and exterior ridge-line. The interior holds up a pocket for storing a few light items like a headlamp and phone. The exterior ridge-line sets the sag of the hammock so it's not so picky about tree distance and attachment height.

    I like that the Clark allows the bugnet to be easily completely removed on nice days and that I can enter from either side of the hammock. The weather shield and bugnet are both always available so I don't have to replace the bugnet to have the weathershield. The Clark is extremely stable. I can reach under with half my body hanging out and not risk tipping over. The Z-Liner makes a very simple (but bulky) late fall insulation option that fits perfectly and keeps you warm head to toe. Problem is that it's limited to 40's and low 30's for me. After that I start to feel the cold and I need more insulation. I REALLY wish they would make a down option for handling colder nights in that same form factor.

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    Can't speak to the Lawson as per all the previous comments. Clark is my second favorite hammock BUT I use it the most! My favourite is a bridge hammock but I won't carry poles and extra stuff into the woods. When it comes right down to it, my Clark is bomb proof and I can ditch the UQ down to about 50 F. Below 50 I'd be really strategic with what goes into my pockets. Clark is the only hammock I take deep interior back country camping. I have TOTAL confidence that it will not let me down.

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    Currently own the NX170 and 270 but have never been in a Lawson. 270 is slightly larger than the 170. I'm 5ft 8 so either work great for me. Also own a Warbonnet Ridgerunner and Little Shop of Hammock's Warrior. The reason I list the hammocks is to outline when I like my Clark(s). The Clark has everything built in and is bomb proof. Lots of room in the interior so condensation is less of an issue. Thicker floors so less wind can get through. Definitely long enough, but not as much space is required between the trees to hang compared to the Ridgerunner. You get a flatter lay than in a GE but not as flat as a bridge hammock. I can easily side sleep in the Clark, but can do so slightly better in the Ridgerunner. For ease of set up the Warrior is my go to but quickly followed by the Clark. Interested in all the comments about the added ridgeline. This may be a future addition to my set up!

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    Can't go wrong with the Clark! Well worth the money! Put a WB Superfly over a Clark and you're ready for anything the weather can throw at you year round.

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    Like everyone else here, I've not been in a Lawson, but can attest that the Clark Mark 2 is an extremely well-built hammock. I'm a dedicated side-sleeper and have no problem sleeping on my side in the hammock, though you may have to use a topquilt and underquilt to permit you to position your legs as you like -- I know it's hard to sleep on my side in my mummy bag for exactly that reason.

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