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    Nice work!

    I've been procrastinating on the winter covered for my hammock...

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    Oh yes! I've been looking into that. Looks basically like an upside down hammock. Since we have the insulated socks, I'll wait to make top covers and quilt protectors (?) next month for all the 3 season stuff for next year.


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    Finally got a little time to take pictures and weigh everything. Rain and clouds right now so I used the garage. Please excuse the terrible pictures.

    Total weight of everything - hammock w/suspension, TQ, UQ w/suspension and sock is 118.oz or 7.37 lbs ! Very High, I know (shocked me too!), but Im using mule tape for a suspension and heavy cheap carabiners. I also have a dual suspension on the UQ. None of the shockcord lines have been trimmed and I'll be using mini biners soon, so I think I can get to around 5.5 lbs for everything - this does not include the tarp. Going to amsteel will also help for the suspension and ridgeline weight. The experiments are over and we know what we like of the set up, so the weight can be trimmed down soon.

    TQ = 30.6 oz. (climashield 6.0 82Lx58W)
    UQ with dual suspension and clips (dual layer of climashield 3.6 63Lx46W) = 43.8 oz.
    Hammock with suspension (everything is mule tape including the ridgeline - hammock body is Hex70 xl at 11ft finished and 65" wide) = 27.65 oz.
    Sock is 15.9 oz.

    117.95 oz rounded to 118 oz

    By all indications this entire package will take us to 0 degrees easily with a couple hot water Nalgene bottles thrown in. If I can get everything down to 5.5 lbs, my and my wifes pack weight will be around 30-37 lbs for the winter. The heavier figure is for 4 days of food. I can stand that - my extended patrol pack in the Army was around 120lbs, so this is nothing in weight to me - my knees really appreciate it.



    Hammock weight


    Top Quilt - the dry bag weighs 8 oz by itself - the TQ weight 30.6 oz by itself.


    UQ - minus the dry bag weight weighs 43.8 oz.


    Planning the 3 season stuff now and will probably go with down TQ's and UQ's this time. Still figuring it all out.

    So now we wait for colder weather. Im hoping we will still be here when the Hoosier Halloween Hang happens. We would like to see what everyone has and ask lots of questions.

    Have a good day!


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