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I put the suspension as a larks head around the gathered end with a zip tie through the channel. Then I use an adjustable ridgeline and larks head it on the other side of the suspension larks head. This way they are pulling against each other with the gathered fabric being MUCH thicker than either larks head.

Not my idea, used from one of the multitude of YouTube videos out there. Hasn't failed me yet. I know people have complained about wear and tear of the zipties against the hammock fabric but I've had not issues.
Thanks hutzelbein.

underserviced, I follow most of that but not all. I did come across the ziptie method yesterday on YouTube, it's not bad is it!

Where I lose you is when you larks head the adjustable ridgeline to the suspension. I'm assuming the adjustable ridgeline is a whoopie sling. Now to use a larks head you need like a double-ended rope in a loop, if you know what I mean. I thought ridgelines are a single rope at the ends where they tie onto the suspension, except if you create dogbones or something, in which case you're using the single rope to create the spliced circle.

Are you able to larks head with a single-ended rope?