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    Tried out Byer stand with HH Backpacker

    So I got my stand saturday and set it up in about 5 minutes. It was extremely easy to put together and take down for transportation, etc. The length without the entension bar was perfect for my HH backpacker w/ maccat deluxe. Thanks Jeff for the milk jug idea, worked like a charm.

    On the not so great side...I went a little overboard with insulation last night since it was down in the low 40s. I used a ccf pad with an old sleeping bag as an underquilt and my 20* bag in the hammock. I woke up at 1:00 drenched in sweat. It was HOT in there. I knew I was a warm sleeper but I have only used my hammock in 60* and 70* weather in the past with very little insulation; however, I figured from all the talk about cold hammocking I would err on the safe side.

    In the future for 40* nights I think I will be fine with just a ccf pad and my bag, or just an underquilt with an overquilt. Still a lot more experimenting I guess with cooler weather. I was super comfortable though when I went to I still have that going for me.


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    Usually a quilt set is enough - I think most carry a pad as a backup/emergency item, and as a sit pad etc. of course. I've ALWAYS had sweating problems with CCF, regardless of the temps. That's why I don't use mine in my hammock unless I absolutely have to. In the serious cold, sweating like that can be dangerous if you catch a draft.
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