Bye-Bye Summer Heat ... Hello Beautiful Fall Colors and Long Chilly Nights, soon to make way for Winter's cold challenges for the hardy that seek the solace of nature with Winter's long sight lines and without the crowds.

It is a great time to re-post a couple of time-proven articles about being warm in the outdoors.

The first article is a classic that is oriented to the ground sleeper, "How To Get A Warmer Night's Sleep". Find it here [""][/URL]

The second article is a little dated, but covers all the basics for hammock sleepers in cold weather, "So you Want To Be Warm". Find it here... http:// Be sure to check out the buttons at the bottom of this article to see detailed approached to gear, additions or substitutions at each diminishing temperature range.

And to make life a little warmer and a little more comfortable by the campfire here are two JRB Specials for the Fall Equinox Weekend, Friday, 22 September thru Sunday, 24 September, 2017.

The JRB Down Hood...

A real cooker! Full 1 inch baffles and top quality down fill, at a mere 2 ounces.

Half price at $29.95

The Camp Stool...

Light weight, easily fits over the top of most backpacks

Save two dollars at $19.95

Be Safe and Enjoy... Great Weather is coming.