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    Something similar to Four Pass Loop

    Does anyone have any recommendations for something that is similar to Four Pass Loop. I went on this hike and LOVED it, and would like to do another one but maybe a little longer.

    Hoping for alpine lakes.

    Restrictions I have:
    I'm bringing my dog, but he's an excellent trail dog
    We'll be driving from Huntsville, AL, and don't really want the drive to extend into more than 2 days (so about 24 hours or so). Yes, driving so that my dog could come.
    Looking to be on the trail for 5 days or so.

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    I'm curious what you choose to hike? I'm heading out in a couple weeks. It seems four pass loop conditions are not favorable this year, so I'm looking for alternatives.

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    I'm still holding out hope that the Four Pass Loop melts/dries by the end of August for my hike. I modified the standard loop by 'daisy-chaining' hikes out to the surrounding towns, stretching the 30mi 3 day hike I did previously into a 65mi 5 day journey.
    Day One; Maroon Lake trailhead to Fravert Basin (or Hasley Basin if I'm running behind schedule)
    Day Two; Fravert Basin to Marble via Lead King southern half
    Day Three; Marble to Snowmass Lake via Lead King northern half & Geneva Lake (this is the craziest day as far as distance & elevation gain)
    Day Four; Snowmass Lake to Snowmass Village via west-side of Willoughby Mtn (or bail out a day early by hiking over Buckskin Pass back to Maroon Lake)
    Day Five; Snowmass Village to Maroon Lake trailhead via east-side of Willoughby Mtn & the Willow Lake pass route

    Total of 5 passes; Five Pass Triangle, or something. My only regret is that I won't go over Buckskin unless I punk out, and that is one of the most dramatic spots in the region. I still get to descend that same trail coming from Willow Lake Pass, but I won't actually crest the ridge.

    My theory is that staying in a hotel every other night will lighten my pack (sending resupply packages to each location) and preserve my stamina (soft, quiet bed, hearty meals, lower elevation, being able to bathe) --I get it!

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    I think you are right...conditions seem to be looking better day-by-day. We will be hitting the trail on Aug 22nd. Interesting hiking idea you have. I'm just hoping to actually complete the hike this year. My son and I tried it last year, but I didn't give enough time to acclimate to the altitude and got to see what it is like getting airlifted off the mountain. Maybe we'll see you out there in a couple weeks!

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