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    wow this looks cool I'm going to have to try it too, I haven't used an asym before but i think i they are a parallelogram so i bet you just trim that excess off the whipped edges

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    This inspired me to try a variation. I now use the asymmetrical idea with a variation W fold. Horrible ASCII art version below

    \ /\ /
    \ / \/
    \ /

    I use a 12' length (5'11'' 200lbs) and this is working very nice for me. It doesn't really create more asymmetry in the hang but it seems to provide the W benefits of good knee support with less shoulder squeeze.

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    i like it, gotta try when i get the materials.

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    I just used a rectangular piece of fabric and whipped it in a slightly different fashion, but I suspect it gives a fairly similar result. See here.
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    I think I need my head examined. I am giving this a try. $1 wally world mystery fiber. I'm sure it will be as heavy as all get out compared to the rest. But at least this way I get to make a fool of myself before I sink money into good fabric. Our wally world is not on the "good fabric" distribution list it seems.

    Well... the project is not a resounding success but not a terrible failure either. I need to try and discern why one side is more floppy than the other. A final project would need to be longer as well. I started with about 10' in length. I have somewhere around 8' knot-to-knot. I don't have the final dimensions yet.
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