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    You can go for quality and weight saving or can make it cheap. I have
    Made both. For about 20 dollars in fabric from Joanne's and a 4
    Dollar down blanket from the thrift store, I have one weighing in at
    22 oz. good down to mid to high 30s for $24 dollars is hard to beat.

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    Thanks for the great instructions! I'm really proud of mine.

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    Down UQ I made!
    Just finished mine last night. I skipped the velcro (couldn't figure out what it was for) and put in mitered corners (thanks doogie Some (all...?) of the long stitches aren't exactly what some would call "strait" but I'm excited about it. 2.25" or so of loft using 800 FP and Momemtum 90 from ThruHiker, should be good to go as soon as I can get a night out in the woods! Thanks for the great instructions!

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    Whats up with the velcro? Do you need to sew a strip of velcro onto your hammock for the head and foot ends to stick to?
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