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Hi Cranky Bear welcome, and love the avatar, and glad to see another MD'er. What parts you from, I live in Mt. Washington you familar with it. And be careful watching those Shug video's and lurking around here Shug will have you wanting to buy all sorts of cool stuff and HF member will put up great gear deals which are often times impossible to resist. And Im gonna have to give a plus one for Stormcrow. May I suggest the Winter Ptarmigan super warm and toasty. The xtra width is really nice around the shoulders. It's my first UQ and it's really nice, he also has great customer service really nice guy. Hope to see you at the MAHA hang,
Thanks for the welcome, yes I know where that is I am In Baltimore County(north side per say) near White Marsh. I am still trin to work on getting to the MAHHA Hang, not lookin too promising. Yea the Avatar is the front cover to a book my kids gave me (makes you wonder if there was a hidden message behind it)

Cranky Bear