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    Quote Originally Posted by kitsapcowboy View Post
    Yes, it is overkill, IMHO. Technically, using all three poles simultaneously is feasible, but it would only really be practical under gale-force wind conditions, massive wet snow loads, or genuine blizzards with drifting -- or if your camp were left unattended at the mercy of Mother Nature during a heavy snowfall with no one to manage the extreme accumulations. Who really wants to carry over a pound of poles anyway, if it's not really necessary?

    Having a tarp modified to accept both double and single (center) internal poles is cool, because it gives versatility to your weather protection system...

    However, I have seen tarps with four panel pulls (external pole mod) and a single center internal pole that had similar versatility; the panel pulls could also be deployed with lightweight guy lines (instead of external poles) in conjunction with the one internal pole to provide a little extra space and stability without the weight penalty. I haven't tried this myself, but from all accounts it seems to be nice to have options.

    Another late post. First off I don't camp much when/where I have to worry about snow loads but got the WD12 for more wind protection after one particularly cold-rainy-windy trip in the clouds at 5000'. I chose to go with the dual pole mod and side pullouts. I figured the dual poles would provide the most room and the convenience-utility of an instant porch mode. If I was concerned about the weight of the poles I can use the pullouts to get a guestimated 70% of the extra volume. They also make handy door tiebacks.
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    If you make your own pole set you can do smaller dia. lighter Easton carbon poles for about $70 and that’s a 2 pole set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmc4free View Post
    I agree, it is a good thread. Surprised it only got 7 replies when it was current.

    Dawn, enjoy the tarp when you get it, and I'm certain you'll fall in love with it. In the meantime, keep in mind savoring the anticipation can actually be a lot of fun!
    So, I enjoyed the sweet anticipation, LOVED my first practice with my tarp, and am already thinking I want another WD13 for my setup...

    because, after all, you never know when you feel like a dark color vs. a light color (and would like to test the theory of dark vs. light in various weather conditions - it was HOT under my light colored tarp when I tested it)

    plus, I'm doing a lot around our house in next few weeks in prep for house sale, and I can ANTICIPATE it's arrival while I'm laboring on my chores...

    then receiving a new tarp would be the most excellent way to reward myself for all the hard work... right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJHeart2Heart View Post
    ...then receiving a new tarp would be the most excellent way to reward myself for all the hard work... right?
    No argument here!

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