OK, we're a couple of weeks away so let's start firming up some details. First of all, the hang is the last weekend of this month at Burning Bear Campground. The campground is very easy to get to; just head west out of Denver on Hwy 285 and keep on truckin until you get to Grant, CO. Don't blink! You'll drive right through it. You'll make a right turn onto County Road 62, which is right across the road from the Grant General Store. It's about 45 minutes to an hour from downtown Denver.

Genuine Draft and I will be there Friday afternoon. The campground fee is $14 per vehicle/site, per night. It is a self-pay station as there is no year-round 'keeper'. The privies are open, but there is no TP. Bring your own water too because the water is turned off during winter.

What about food? The kind you eat, not the hiker. Are we going to have a potluck dinner, or are we going to fend for ourselves? Genuine Draft and I are planning a little treat that I'll keep to myself for now, but we haven't really given any thought to chow time. Opinions?

Food (the hiker) knows the trails in that area pretty well from what I understand, so I nominate him "Trail Chief". Any seconds? Seriously, there are a bunch of trails in the immediate area so any desired hiking will be very much available. I suggest if you plan to hike that you bring a pair of snowshoes. It's been snowing up in the mountains the last couple of days and more is expected this week and next, so I suspect the snow on the trials will be quite deep in some spots.

Speaking of snow, odds are we will be parking on the entrance road to the campgrounds. The snow drifts pretty deep since the campground isn't frequently used in winter. Worst case, you might have to carry your car camping gear a couple hundred yards. No biggie!

Hope everyone is looking forward to it. I surely am!