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    UQ+TQ for ground sleeping

    I have rather interesting project.
    I want to sew two rectangular blanckets with the same dimentions and the same amount of down(nearly 250-300 gramm(8-10uz.))with the cold stitches.
    I want to use One blancket as UQ and second as UQ in warm conditions(the lowest temperature near 0 C(32F)
    The pair of that blanckets i want to use for ground sleeping with lowest temperature near -5\-10 C(23\14F). The structure of pair for winter usage i want as a brick wall
    ___|____|____|_____----1-st blancket(TQ)
    |____|_____|____| ----2-nd blancket(UQ)

    I dont know FP, just know that it has 90\10(i will calculate the FP, it s not a problem)
    I have ability to buy more dawn.I have dawnproof fabric. And, of course, i have sewing machine)

    I have some questions
    Does enought amount of down for temperature ranges?
    Maybe the same projects apeared in our community?

    Any questions will help me to understend does that idea would have rights for life.

    Thanks a lot.

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    If you're sleeping on the ground in those temps, you'll want a pad to insulation you (and cushion you) from the ground...the underquilt will compress and not provide any insulation. That's why hammock underquilts go on the outside so we're not laying on them.

    And if the pad is your insulation, you might as well put both quilts on top of you.

    To answer your first question, we need to know how THICK the quilts are.

    For your second question, it just sounds like a sleeping bag to me.
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    As above carry along a closed cell foam pad. A down UQ under you on the ground will do no good at all.

    As far as the down, as long as its baffled, you dont need to offset the seams.
    At least that is how I would build it.

    To know how much down you would need you need to calculate volume. I will do an example in our measurement system.

    Lets say your down has a loft of 800 CI per ounce.

    Lets say one of you quilts is 48" wide x 60" long x 2" thick and baffled.

    The volume of your quilt would be 5760 ci.

    5760/800 = 7.2 oz

    If you added 10% overfill you would be at about 8 oz of down for each quilt.

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    Thanks a lot for halp in calculations.

    I made a mistakes i wasn`t accurate in thread starting.
    So one more...
    I want to make UQ and TQ for using with hammock for lowest temperatures near 0 C(32F)

    And i want to use both of them as top cover only with correspond CCF pad with lowest temperatures near -5\-10C (23\14F)
    here is a little scheme

    Quilt dimentions i want are 180smX90sm(70inX35)
    UQ dimentions i want are the same.
    Dimentins betven stitches(Buffle dimms????) i want-3-4inch(100mm)

    My aim is to have universal kit.

    The questions are the same.
    Sorry for my anaccurasy.
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    Personally what I would do is build a down TQ with 2.5" loft with a footbox. That would be good to about 20dF and is more versitile. Thats a good 3 season rating and you could extend it to 10dF with insul clothing.

    I have a golite ultra 20 down quilt and its a really good quilt.
    2.5" loft and I just slept in mine in heavy johns down to 14df.
    It weighs 20 oz but its built of 1 oz dwr nylon.
    It is also comfortable at 70dF if you hang your feet out.

    If you wanted to build a 30dF quilt you would be at about 2" of loft and would probably save you about 3 ounces in weight over a 20dF quilt.

    For an UQ good to 30dF you would want more loft or somewhere around 2.5-2.75 of loft IMO. A typical 3 season UQ is more like 3.5"

    If you really want to use the bottom quilt over the top it needs to be shaped/built big enough so it will go over without collapsing the down on the under bag but thats really too big for an UQ.

    4.5" total loft used in combination will take you down to like -30dF so no problem there and probably too warm but the real issue at those temps are the pad thats under you. It needs to be something like a synmat or downmat.

    Overkil for 14dF though.

    35" is really too narrow IMO. You want more like 48 min width for both. 54" is really better for wrapping around you.

    To make a drawstring footbox, IMO you need to make your quilt about 12" - 16" longer than your height but that can vary.

    If you are 6' tall that would be 84", but the UQ does not need to be that long.
    You can get away with a 48" x 60" UQ

    Normal baffle width is about 6"

    Down bags/quilts are so hard to make you definately want to make sure you get it right the first time.

    HEre is an article that might help.

    To me it makes more sense to build your UQ 48x60 (smaller-lighter) to the lowest temp rating like 14dF and use it mostly for just an UQ or for emergencies as a supplement on the ground.

    Then build 2 top quilts. One down to your normal cold rating like 30dF then build an extender over quilt out of 2.5 oz climasheild XP. A 2.5 oz XP overquilt makes a good summer quilt, provides an additional 10-15dF used as an extender and would weigh about 12-14 oz built wit 1 oz nylon.

    Looking at your image it look like you want to use sew through construction. Thats okay for summer not a good for winter.
    You really want baffled construction and it needs to be wide enough to tuck in under your pad/body on each side.

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    Also look in the articles section, under the DIY heading; there are at least two different methods for doing quilts- over and under, synth and down.
    Hope this helps, KM

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