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Thread: bugnet idea

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    bugnet idea

    hello all,

    I've made several bugnets for years, and i have found, the best material for me is a lycra mesh. I found, because It can stretch, I can cut it a tad shorter and get a nice shape to it when someone sleeps in it.

    the design construction is very easy.

    take a piece of netting about six inches longer than your hammock. hem the short ends with a 1.5 inch hem and run a cord through the hem. sew a zipper down the long edges and you're ready to go. this forms a hammock tunnel

    run your hammock through the tunnel and sinch up the cords on the bugnet as you would a bag of potatoes. Now, your ends are closed off to any unwanted visitors, but you can enter the hammock at will. once in zip up the zipper that runs along the side and you're done.

    if you don't want the net, undo one of the cinched up ends and slide it to the othe side out of the way.

    If you could help me, I would appreciate it. I want to make a new hammock with out the web through the seam design. However, I would like the hammock edges as tight as possible. what do you recommend as the best fold and whip for this purpose?


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    Welcome to the forum Alan,

    Nice directions to you bug net. Where can one find some lycra mesh?
    What do others think of lycra mesh vs. noseeums?
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    Try the doesn't have webbing through the seams.

    And welcome to HF!
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    Welcom to HF!!
    Nice looking bug net. Where can I get some lycra mesh?

    As mentioned above by Just Jeff..

    Pay close attention to step 2. (whipping)
    Jeff show you how to fold and pull the hammock body so that the edges are not saggy. (although I like saggy edges)
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    Believe it or not, i found the lycra mesh at Joann's fabrics. you'll know it when you see it because the holes look like tiny rectangles and it stretches.

    As for the taughtness on the edges of my hammock, what fold do you feel works better; the roll fold or the w fold?


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    I like the W fold, but the fold does not affect the tightness of the edges. That it determined by the extra length you pull out (as described on JJ website)

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    Hi Alan, I've recently made a bugnet just like what you described, except I used noseeum mesh instead. Works well, very configurable. Easy to make. It goes on over my hammock ridgeline and stays out of my face that way.

    I like the W fold, and like Jeff describes (and cameronjreed above), you can tension the sides more or less by pulling more side material for the fold. hth.

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    thanks for the help guys

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    Hi Alan, do you reguire a ridgeline to holdup the lycra?

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    If lycra mesh stretches, won't the holes in it get bigger and allow bugs in? Or does it not matter due to the way you are using it?

    Neat idea, BTW.

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