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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man View Post
    Whether I need 4, 6, or 8 stakes, I've yet to find all stake spots around my rainfly to be the exact same. Thus, I take a variety and never more than the number of tie-outs and even then I rarely use them all because of handy rocks, bushes, etc. to tie off to.

    BTW, Ti stakes for frozen ground? Mine have bent occasionally in simply hard ground. Can't imagine driving one into truly solid frozen ground.
    That's a great idea. I recently added some titanium stakes to my gear (having been using aluminum ones for a year or so). I've been really torn about which to bring with me. You've answered my question.

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    Yes.. too many
    Another vote for variety..

    I carry four MSR Mini Ground Hogs, two large ground hog knock-offs and a few Ti Shephard Stakes..

    The Ti stakes are really only used on the doors. They won't hold well enough.

    In winter, six gutter nails work best. I've snapped the head off Ground Hogs pounding them into frozen soil.
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