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FYI Melanzana is allegedly reopening their site for online orders within a week or so.
Good to know...but, at this point, I'm totally committed to an homage.

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I'd rather not go off topic here, but I'm unfamiliar with Melanzana, is it just a clothing store?

Also @Wanderlost I got bored at werk, and decided to make a map/route/gpx for the trail you listed above, looks like a nice trip, I might have to plan a trip myself! https://caltopo.com/m/TSL8
Melanzana (http://melanzana.com/)is an outdoor clothing store in Leadville, CO. They make all their gear in house. Their micro grid fleeces are awesome, IMO. Some think their overpriced Gucci crap.

Thanks for the compliments on the route. I decided on that instead of the big loop simply because I knew I didn't have time for the full 30ish miles (not the fastest hiker), and it would be easier (in my crazy thinking) to make it an out and back if I don't make my goals first day...of course, I have every intention of being able to walk 7-8 miles in 10 hours. :LOL:

Total side thought. I've been on here for years and just now figured out the multiquote button.