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    How do y'all do it?

    Shug has an entire video on reducing calf ridge pressure. CRP happens! I went from an 11x5 to
    a 12x6—a great leap in comfort—CRP greatly reduced almost eliminated.
    Oversized hammocks lead to oversized tarps, leading to oversized packs. Now if my muscles would follow suit. It ain’t for everybody....

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrope View Post
    For myself, I've always been told to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate while hiking -- which I do. However, I've come to the conclusion that I drink way too much water if I'm forcing myself to hydrate. I've started just drinking when I get thirsty and I noticed that I get up to pee much less (if at all) during the night.

    I also have a theory that frequent peeing is flushing out toxins but also valuable minerals, etc. because I noticed that when I stopped drinking so much water I also had less cramping. Supplementing my food with banana chips as a snack increases my Potassium levels which I believe were being depleted by the frequent peeing. My instances of cramping have dropped to almost zero.

    This is working for me and I put it out there as anecdotal evidence.
    +1 drink when thirsty. When I over hydrate it just goes right thru me anyway. Never had cramps, but your theory makes sense and works for you, and it's something that anyone with the issue should at least try.
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