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    Sierra madre stratos tarp & bugnet for sale on ebay

    Iím finally selling my duplicate SMR stratos system on fleaBay right now. Just wanted to make a post here in case anyone is interested. I donít think Iím allowed to post a link but just searching on fleabay for SMR stratos should bring it up. Itís an awesome shelter system, I have another exactly like it and a nube. Not very ultralight, but still robust and provides pretty much everything needed besides the hammock. Compatible with every gathered end hammock Iíve used so far. Ive been keeping it as a backup to my duplicate but I lost a huge client and have to start selling some gear if I want to keep my house. If itís a member of this community that buys it as a ďbuy it nowĒ for 250.00, I will throw in a heavily used (but sill perfectly functional with at least ten years of life left in her) ENO doublenest hammock in olive drab with desert tan side panels. Iíll also throw in a set of lash it dyneema tie outs for the missing ďsky hooksĒ. You can trust that if itís a member of this forum who buys it, Iíll hook it up with the little extras. The system itself is in almost perfect condition, never seen rain or any wear, only been set up to check it out. It also has factory seam sealing so itís literally ready to go. If youíre a member of the forum who ends up buying it, just send me a PM and Iíll throw in the extra goodies.

    The entire system is included otherwise, except for the stuff sack for the tarp which was not with it when I bought it. The stuff sack for the bug net is included however.

    Keep hanginí buddies.

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