Iím only closing in on two years but it was an eventful two years. Picked it up after agonizing over choosing between a tent or hammock for the AT. Got it during a sale and blinged my setup out with dutchware.

My first ever pitch on a shakedown in the Shenandoahs. Using a pad didnít work out so well and I really didnít know what I was doing. But I slept like a baby. A baby who may have over indulged in whiskey.

But soon I was in Georgia and out of necessity had to dial my setup in quick because we were quickly slammed with frigid blizzard weather. This was night 3 and easily my worst on trail at -8 degrees and 40mph gusts

But it worked out and after a month or two I had it mostly figured out. At one point I even hiked with 3 other hammockers, one of which also carried a Warbonnet (miss you guys, Houdini).

One of my favorite days on trail, in Vermont. We watched the sunset from a fire tower, I came down and passed out, woke up at 4 and climbed back up for a beautiful sunrise, then went back and passed out for another few hours. That day we had a ďChongo morning,Ē and my buds catered to my fondness for sleeping in and starting late.

I love this thing. In the 100 mile wilderness I inexplicably lost a tree strap and had to go to ground once before coming up with a solution using my bear bag cordage and some knot wizardry. But Iíve slept in it a few nights since and have a trip to the Dolly Sods Wilderness lines up for the end of this month.

Here she is about a week shy of summiting Katahdin