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    Quote Originally Posted by soul embrace View Post
    same here but I didn't like the hexon at all. I preferred nylonD over the hexon and love the hyperD
    +1 for NylonD. That's my favorite for sure. Wish it would make a comeback. HyperD is close but not quite as comfy for me.

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    I made one DIY gathered-end hammock out of HyperD 1.6 because it was the only option for a printed nylon hammock at the time. I found it to have a soft feel, but it was just on the safe side being too compliant for me at only #175, as I like firmer hammocks. It held up just fine though until I sold it to a member here, with not issues in appearance or stucture for me.

    That said, I think Dutch's Hexon series has the best surface feel of any breathable hammock fabric I've ever found; nothing else feels quite like it. Hexon is strong, it sews well, it is nice to the hand, and the 1.6 ounce is the perfect balance of compliance and firmness for me, well balanced between light weight and trailworthiness too. I currently as many hammocks in Hexon as I do in any other fabric, and it's my number one choice for DIY builds right now. Dutch has always had good choices in his selected palette of Hexon colors, and, on top of that, now that Hexon 1.0 and 1.6 are available in Print2Fabric patterns, I find myself turning to the 1.6 fabric for almost any hammock choice.

    For my personal comfort, with HyperD 1.6 and Hexon 1.6 side by side, I'd choose Hexon every time. Neither is a bad choice, but for me the difference makes it a no-brainer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arcana73 View Post
    I have a Dream Hammock Darien made from Hyper D1.6 and a Dutch Chameleon in Hexon 1.6. Personally, I prefer the feel of the feel of the Hexon 1.6. There is a more soft, cotton feel to the fabric than the Hyper D. The hyper D feels more like nylon in comparison. I've also had an issue wit, what appear to be, stretch marks showing on the HyperD after a few hangs.

    My first DIY Top Quilt was made using Hyper D for the inside and after quite a bit of use the Hyper D in the footbox region stretched into numerous small puckers and got roughish—like an old sweater that pills up. I always use Hexon for my DIY projects now because Hexon has never shown wear like that for me. Also, I prefer the texture of Hexon.

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